Scouts – The Big Beach Clean Up

We started of at the scout hut on Saturday morning, loaded up the mini bus for our weekend adventure, once all packed and ready we were on our way. On route we were treated to the tree top adventure at go ape in thetford. It was fun climbing through the trees, at the end of the course there was a zip wire to glide down.When we were finished at go ape we were on our way travelling to Norfolk. When we arrived at our destination the tents were set up by everyone. After a long drive we all enjoyed some chips for supper.The next day we were driven to the beach ready to start our big clean up, as we were collecting the litter we saw seals swimming in the sea. 4 big bags of litter were collected, we could not believe how much litter there was on the beach.I feel happy knowing that I have taken part in something good for the environment, and will continue to do my best in the future to cut down on waste, re-use, and recycle where possible.Thank you to all the scout leaders for giving us this opportunity.

Photos are on the website link

My amazing scout camp

By Dylan

I had only spent two weeks with the 8th Letchworth scout group before I went on my first camp with them. We were going to the Norfolk coast stopping at Thetford forest to do Go Ape and have lunch. It was a nice day with a slight breeze as I got on the minibus with nine other scouts, one being my friend Ciara from school.

It was a pleasant journey to Thetford forest and we arrived at around quarter past twelve. When we got there we found a suitable spot to eat lunch. We ate our lunch then some of the scouts went off and played table tennis.  Then, we were set to go and be apes…

For those who have never heard of Go Ape it’s a sort of  obstacle course but set about twenty metres up in the trees. Ciara and I set off up a winding staircase which led to a bridge which kept jutting off in different directions. We also had to make our way across: a net on its side, some swinging x-shaped platforms, a really wobbly bridge, some boat- shaped swingy things and much more but of course we were strapped on with a harness. Last was the zip-wire where we didn’t have a seat, our harnesses held us up. I took a deep breath and vaulted off the platform into infinity and beyond! I remember the soaring feeling while I was up there and then I skidded to a halt on a bark platform next to Ciara. I definitely enjoyed that.

It was a slightly more eventful journey after that as the scouts started out in a better mood and about half way we all started to get bored. Eventually, we turned round a corner and found ourselves in the car park for the place we were staying at which happened to be a girl-guiding centre. We drove into our field to find Jay (one of our leaders) already there! We got into pairs and pitched our tents.

It was a very nice place and included: a decent sized area for football, a trampoline, a bit of play equipment and a huge wooded area. We discussed what we were going to do and decided on hide-and- seek -it. I remember playing in there for a long time, running around with Will, Ciara, Ryan, George, Connor, Shaun, Nathan, Harrison and Cameron.

After lots of fun, the leaders called us over to the minibus and announced that we were going into Cromer for chips. That was definitely my favourite bit of the holiday. We were sitting around telling jokes and just mucking around. After what seemed like hours, the food arrived. I had ordered chips and onion rings seeing as I’m vegetarian. We ate our chips still chatting happily until it was about half past eight or nineish. When we got back, it was very starry and Ciara even spotted Orion’s belt. We hung around for a bit drinking hot chocolate and watching wild bats zoom around (they came very near us.) Finally, we went to bed.                   

The next day, we arose to a morning a bit chillier than yesterday but it was still sunny and not too cold for our beach clean-up. Gradually, the scouts woke up ( George and Connor having a wet tent problem) and we made breakfast. After that, we made lunch, took down our tents and jumped on the minibus. We had a nice journey to the seaside.

When we got there, a man kitted us out with all of our beach cleaning equipment and a drink (mine being fruit shoot.) We started out on the car park and then went down to the beach. It was a nice day so we cleaned for about an hour and a half. Next, we had lunch followed by ice cream. Ciara and I went in the sea for a paddle. After lots of playing we jumped into the minibus and zoomed home. I think everyone enjoyed that.