Invitations to Scout Summer Camp

Going away to camp is a fun and challenging time for all, leaders included. To make sure every young person gets as much enjoyment as possible out of the camp we have put in place some guidelines. Young people will need to show commitment and effort through the year and their ability will need to be assessed.

It is important that the leaders know the young people and are aware of their personality and needs and the young people get to know the leaders. In order to do this we have to spend time together getting to know each other.

 If young people are actively involved in the troop then the guidelines below will not be difficult and with a little extra effort can be achieved very easily. The programme leading up to camps will often cover areas, the knowledge of which, will be utilised on camp. It is far less stressful for all if some background knowledge and confidence in a variety of activities can be achieved.

Young people will need to:

  1. Attend minimum 75% of term meetings every term (unless they have had illness/injury  preventing them)
  2. Attend minimum of 85% of arranged hikes and outdoor activities
  3. Attend at least two other weekend camps each year
  4. Demonstrate positive attitude and behaviour during meetings & activities.
  5. Attend St George‚Äôs Day Parade and/or Remembrance Sunday, preferably both.  This shows commitment and renewal of promise,