Cubs & Scouts on Norton Common

We were invited to help the Friends of Norton Common with their conservation work within Norton Common, after a brief health and safety talk on using the tools we set to work.  We started by sawing some tree stumps down to ground, then we went on to help by cutting down scrub, they had a bonfire going to burn all the scrub. All the work being done is to clear the dead trees and plants and allow the remaining trees to grow better, also to make space to plant new trees, they had already planted some oak trees. Some of the cut tree trunks are used to make homes for wildlife and creepy crawlies. The conservation work is done this time of year as when it gets to spring all the birds and wildlife start nesting. It was really good being outdoors and seeing how much of a difference the hard work makes. 


Photos have been uploaded and are on the link on the photos page

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