Scouts Expedition Challenge & Backwoods Camp

This weekend we started to get our Expedition Badge. To do this we had to plan our route to our Backwoods Camp at Harmergreen Wood Campsite. We also had to plan our way back to 8th Letchworth Scout Hut.
We started at Letchworth Garden City train station and we got on the train to Stevenage. At this point we changed over train to Hertford. We got off the train and decided which way we were going to go.
Our walk started very uphill. Every ten minutes we stopped to check our maps. After a while we ventured into the woods. We were walking in the woods for about an hour and a half and then we came to open fields.
Every once in a while we stopped to change the person holding and looking at the map. We entered into Harmergreen but misplaced the campsite and spent a bit more time looking for it.
Eventually we got to the campsite and soon went to bed.
Next morning we had cereal and bacon sandwiches for breakfast. Later we made shelters which we would be sleeping in that night. We made them with tarpaulin and rope and a tree. We made them in pairs. Then after that we had lunch. We had hot dogs from the dutch oven with a side of crisps and soup.
After lunch we made fires and cooked cookies on the best fire. Then some people went over to the axing place and did a lot of axing. Peter and Zeke made a hammock which we all had fun swinging on.
We woke up early on a beautiful Sunday morning. Me and my shelter mate (Eva) got our clothes and changed in the bathroom. We then walked back to the shelter and packed our stuff away making sure that our rubbish was packed away. After, we packed our shelter away.
After that we sat by the fire. For breakfast we had bacon sandwiches. When we had finished most of us played manhunt. After about an hour of playing manhunt we headed back to the campsite. We collected everything and set off.
As soon as we set off we had to find our way back out of the forest which was a lot easier than finding our way to our camp.
We walked past the bog – fond memories, and started walking through the fields. We eventually got to Welwyn North and had a refreshing drink while waiting for our train
We finally got on the train and started seeing sights we are familiar with. We then got off the train and had to do more walking back to the scout hut. We eventually made it back and went home.
Report written by
Eva, Ryan, Mary, Ben, Millie, Will, Abbie, Aimee, Alisha, Kieron and Ginny

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