County Cubs 100 Camp @ Tolmers

13439220_1718601201735604_3162610062173908068_nArrived on Friday and we played games then we got shown to our tents, we had a hot dog before bed. Saturday morning we had breakfast which we had to be very quick because we had to ho to our first zone which was earth. We got to chose from rope a phobia, quad bike and a zip line. I chose rope a phobia.. We went to a different part of earth where we could do abseiling or laser tag. Most of the Continue reading

Beavers, Cubs & Scouts on the Greenway Walk

DSCF51271Our group members have all been out walking the Greenway today on the annual Rotary Club Sponsored Walk. The weather was kind and everyone did really well, helping fundraise for their camps and activities. The group committee and some of the leaders also ran the refreshment bas at Wymondley Wood for the hungry and thirsty walkers. Photos are on the photos page.

County Cub Bushcraft Day

20160319_123833 1I really enjoyed the bushcraft day, I was chosen to raise the flag to begin the opening of the day, that was a bit scary in front of so many people, but an honour to do so.

We were put into groups of 6 people to go round and do each activity, there was rope making, plaster casts, cooking, fire basics, and shelter building, my favourite was Continue reading

Beaver Sleepover

IMAG0848 [3463337] 1The Beaver sleepover was really good because we made bottle rockets. We had to see how far they went. The camp fire was really excellent and the hot chocolate was super nice. I liked being with my friends.                                                                                By James 

This was 2nd sleepover. I really enjoyed making and blasting the rockets off. I had fun with my friends.             By Chloe

Clearing waterways & creating habitats

20160313_114322 2A lovely spring morning and our cubs and scouts have been back on Norton Common today helping with the conservation work. They have been cutting up fallen trees, clearing scrub and clearing the waterways of debris. The dead wood has been put into piles away from the paths to create safe habitats for a variety of wildlife and there were already birds moving in before we left the site. We hope to Continue reading

Tiger Patrol take chequered flag

20160310_203106 [1386361]By answering questions from OS Maps covering the UK, patrols earned pieces of their ‘car’. Great teamwork came into play as they raced to complete the questions and build their car before the other patrols. All four patrols completed their car and two cars made it round the course intact with passenger still on board! Tiger Patrol came in fastest taking the chequered flag as they crossed the finish line.